Amy’s Page


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This is the first accordion

This was created by clicking “Add Accordion”.

  1. When you do that you must create an “ID”.  This is how the accordion is recognised and is used to put the accordion on the page.  In this case I’ve used “AmysAccordion” as the “ID”.
  2. Next you’ll need content for the accordion.  You should see a “Add Row” button below the field where you entered the “ID”, click it.  This will open up an editor that can be used to create/fill with content (just like I’m doing here right now) when the user clicks the “dropdown” on the webpage.  Don’t forget to fill in the “Title” or else you won’t see the accordion, well, except for the dropdown arrow on the right ?
  3. You keep adding rows within the accordion until you’re happy with the result.

To add another “Accordion” (dropdown) click “Add Accordion” and do as mentioned from Step 1 above and add rows for that accordion ?

You can put images here such as: ↘

A files button for files or URL’s:

When you are happy with the content you make it appear by using the “Accordion ID” in the editor near the top of the page.  For an example of how this is done see above, just below where it says “Amy’s Page”.

This is the second row of "AmysAccordion"

Stuff goes here…

This is the 2nd. accordion - "AmysAccordion2"

This is to show you can have more than one accordion on a page. Blah and stuff goes in here…

This is the 2nd. row of "AmysAccordion2"