Year 7 Transition

Year 7 enrolments are carried out by the Department for Education’s public primary schools by completing the ‘Starting Secondary School’ pack and the (ED176).

Public primary schools in South Australia work hard to ensure that there is a registration (ED176) form complete for every year 7 student enrolled at their school, by the lodgement dates each year. The form is updated and state-wide transition dates are determined annually by the department. When primary schools run the registration of interest form (ED176) for their students, the form will indicate the child’s local (zoned) school based on the child’s permanent home address.

If your child attends a private primary school, please contact your zoned government high school Term 1, Year 7.

The department allocates students to high schools through the 7 Transition process. This is not decided by the high school. You will be notified of your allocated high school mid-August of the year your child is in Year 7.

Transition to year 7 Induction Days

The transition from primary to secondary school is a big step for your child, and induction days can help them to prepare for their new milestone.

To ease new starters in gently, Valley View Secondary School offers an induction process. The transition to year 7 induction days occur during the last term of the year and Year 7 students spend a two days (or sometimes two for those with additional needs) in their prospective secondary school to familiarise themselves with the new environment and routines.

This process sets the expectations for their future. Students start to learn the routines of the new school and what is expected of them, which will inevitably be different from primary school. Students go home buzzing about their new school, and rather than dreading their first day of Year 7, they start to look forward to it.

Our students follow a timetable of activities with the other students in their house, and typically try out lessons such as Science, Physical Education, Dance, Music or Home Economics. These lessons have more specialist teachers and equipment at Secondary School, so they give children a different experience from what they’re used to at Primary School.

Students also spend time getting used to their new school environment. They are involved in a variety of activities, including finding their way around the school, meeting the teachers and trying out the lunch system.

Children may also complete some written or math-based work during the day usually spending some time with a curriculum teacher completing a piece of writing so we can gauge their abilities.

Students will have the opportunity to meet the principal and executive team, house managers, subject teachers, SSO’S and specialist staff. They’ll also meet other children who are about to start Year 7, and possibly others who are already at the school – for example, buddies and student leaders from higher years.

At Valley View Secondary School we place a lot of effort into making induction days enjoyable for our new students, and to help ease children’s nerves about starting secondary school. However, if your child does have worries you can always phone the school and you will be directed to staff for additional support.