Dear Parents/Caregiver(s)


It has been an excellent start to Term 2 with the majority of our students returning to site.

Our blended learning model has been in full operation this week and I was delighted to see some of our students learning from home and actively engaging. I am extremely thankful for the dedication, expertise and resilience of staff and to all the parents and carers for your ongoing support during this time.

The Department and health officials are urging students to return to site.


As the majority of students are now attending lessons on site, as of Tuesday 5 May 2020, we are ending video-conferencing (via Teams or Zoom) lessons. This means that:

  • students are expected to engage in learning, face-to-face, at school
  • students will need to follow our normal timetable as outlined in the VVSS school diary
  • tasks and resources will continue to be available on Daymap and/or Teams in the case that students are unwell or absent due to other reasons
  • video conferencing via Teams or Zoom will remain at the discretion of the teacher


It is expected that you inform the school on a frequent basis should you choose to keep your child/ren at home. Students who are learning from home must regularly email their teacher, access DayMap and/or Teams, engage in learning and submit work according to learning programs and teacher expectations.

The Department and health officials are urging students to return to site. You can find the most recent advice from Chief Public Health Officer Professor Nicola Spurrier here.

At VVSS we will be encouraging students to limit physical contact with peers, practise good hygiene and use hand sanitiser both now and into the future. These are good habits that will serve us well during seasonal illness too.

Please let us know by phoning or emailing the school if your child/ren is likely to be absent from school or if you prefer to continue to keep them at home.

Kind Regards
Yvette Swaalf