Extra-curricular sport comes in a variety of forms at VVSS with students being able to select from the NE sport Carnivals to the KO schools competitions. Many sports are on offer throughout the year from the traditional sports of basketball & soccer to non-traditional sports like ultimate Frisbee & Tag Rugby.

Students even have the opportunity to be involved in modified sports carnivals like “Super 8’s cricket” or “ 9-a-side footy”. This gives students who may not have had prior opportunities to be involved in these sports a chance to participate and possibly find some hidden talents!!

Students have the opportunity to be involved as much as they like and hopefully find an activity they enjoy and can maintain even after they leave school. There are many highlights throughout the year including out Sports Day held on Golding Oval as well as SANTOS Day where our students compete against a vast collection of other NE schools at Santos Stadium in a variety of athletic events.

Even within some of our Yr11/12 classes students have the chance to participate in various activities from Aquatics, Self-Defence, Archery & our referee/coaching courses. We even have an Ice Factor program (ice hockey) and are involved in Pedal Prix as well.

This large and varied collection of sports/activities keeps our students involved, engaged and committed to enjoying their time here at VVSS and looking beyond!