International Program

2018 started off with two international students one from Thailand one from Japan. Throughout the year we have had 33 students from 14 schools around the world.

The students valued their experience here at Valley View, one of the most common comments was about the friendly nature of the school and they loved being in a small school. Students also commented on that they were able to improve their English more so than in other settings as our students were only able to speak English.

They undertook a leadership and Global Citizenship Program. They also looked at the unique way South Australia was established in 1836. The international students as well as the VVSS students talked about the differences and similarities between cultures, we examined leadership models and looked at how leadership works within a large group of students who did not know each other

During their time we visited the River Torrens, Rundle Mall, Adelaide Museum, Parliament House, Monarto Zoo, Gorge Wildlife Park, Helping Hand Aged Care Centre, Semaphore Beach, Adelaide Central Markets and various other places.

The students made a YouTube Clip of their trip, an amazing look at what they did on their stay.


Students from Hong Kong reflections

We want to say thank you to Valley View Secondary School for preparing and planning the events, it was the activities that made us want to stay in Adelaide. We loved going to the Parliament house and the Gorge Wildlife Park, we loved spending time with the animals and learning the history of Adelaide.

Visiting the zoo and the wildlife park enhanced our knowledge of the importance on the conversation of animals. Besides, we went to the Helping Hand Community Centre it was a fantastic experience as the elderly people were talkative, and we learnt to take initiative to talk to them.

We thought it was a one in a life time opportunity to be able to meet such happy and positive students. We enjoyed their company and being able to work in a safe and happy environment it has given us a different perspective on their work ethic and how the students approach everyday situations.

We really have enjoyed having international students at our school this year and we are looking forward to being involved in more of the international program.

If you would be interested in hosting an international student, please contact: Peter Evans

Email to or phone us on: +61 8 8360 6111.