Course Counselling


VVSS places a strong emphasis on the importance of an inclusive course counselling process where students, families and staff are all involved in providing specialist advice regarding the selection of courses for students. Parents and caregivers are invited to discuss student requirements with course counselling staff at any time. Students should select courses that suit their abilities, their interests and their post-school aspirations.

Curriculum Guide

The Curriculum Guide provides students and families with information regarding the learning programs offered at Valley View Secondary School and specific Course Descriptions of subjects within these programs.

Students and families are encouraged to explore the Curriculum Guide to plan possible options and pathways of study.  It should be used in conjunction with subject selection processes and Course Confirmation interviews.

Course Confirmation Interviews

Prior to Course Confirmation interviews, students will be counselled with the support of home group teachers, subject teachers and Learning Area Leaders to select subjects in-line with future employment, career and/or tertiary pathways.  This will take place during subject lessons as well as Student Wellbeing & Development.

Students and families are expected to complete online subject selections prior to Course Confirmation interviews.

To book an interview for Course Confirmation, click here and enter the Event Code you have been given.

Student Online Subject Selections

Students will be making subject selections for the following year using an online platform that is accessible from school and home.  Parents/Caregivers are encouraged to support students with subject selections via this linkFor the subject selection online access fact sheet click here.

Students have been provided with individual access codes.

Career Development

We have a school Careers website which we make use of. The site contains a huge amount of information and should be your first stop when you are looking for information on anything job, careers, university and TAFE related (and there is so much more).