Horticultural Club

Award Winning Horticultural Team – Recipient of the Tea Tree Gully Council Youth Achievement Award


VVSS has an ongoing commitment to “The Valley Garden” – a project initiated through the school’s commitment and enthusiasm for wellbeing, and the physical and mental benefits of gardening. Team members have the opportunity to undertake TAFE Certification ll in Horticulture and Landscaping Industries; further enhancing their connection with learning and future career pathways.

Team members focus on fundraising on behalf of charitable organisations, utilising the produce harvested within the garden. All team members are encouraged to develop entrepreneurial skills to build on the Valley Garden’s growth and business opportunities. Horticultural Team members have the opportunity to interact with the school and local community in order to help save our natural sustainable heritage for future generations.

By undergoing this program students will be provided with opportunities for focused development of one or more of the following capabilities;

Entrepreneurship: Taking risks and demonstrating initiative –  identifying start-up opportunities where young people explore the concept of business, profit and business enterprise

Communication: Communicate effectively – identify communication skills that enhance relationships for particular groups and purposes.

Citizenship: Contribute to civil society – analyse personal and social roles and responsibilities in planning and implementing ways of contributing to their communities.

Personal development: Develop leadership skills – initiate or help to organise group activities that address a common need.

Work: Work collaboratively – critique their ability to devise and enact strategies for working in diverse teams, drawing on the skills and contributions of team members to complete complex tasks.

Learning: Understand themselves as learners – evaluate the effectiveness of commonly used learning strategies and work practices and refine these as required.

Performing Arts

As part of Performing Arts, Valley View Secondary School offers students in Year 8, through to Year 12, the opportunity to participate in our biannual school musical production. This is an excellent way for students to meet others across the school with similar interests, and develop positive relationships in a supportive and creative environment. It also allows students to develop lifelong skills, such as; organisation, confidence, resilience, collaboration, commitment and teamwork.

At Valley View Secondary School, there are many ways to become involved in the School Musical, including:

  • Auditioning as a performer in an on-stage role, which could include singing, dancing and acting.
  • Working on the technical side of things, plotting lighting and working through audio-technical cues
  • Designing and creating backdrops and props
  • Designing and applying stage makeup for performers
  • Stage management and crew, rehearsing and implementing staging of equipment for the performance

In 2019, Valley View Secondary School performed ‘Alice in Wonderland’, the first of many School Musicals to come, directed and choreographed by the Performing Arts Teacher, Hayley Horskins. 45 students were involved in making this show a success, dedicating their time and effort over the year to auditions, rehearsals and planning. The show was a huge success and Valley View Secondary School is excited to see the Performing Arts develop over the coming years.

Vista Sport

At Valley View Secondary we have had a strong tradition of being involved in the North Eastern Vista competitions.  These activities are performed on a regular school day and allow our students to make new friends, improve well-being, become physically active and learn new skills.  Sports we have participated in the past include;

  • basketball
  • 5-a-side soccer
  • cricket
  • 9-a-side football
  • volleyball, beach soccer
  • touch rugby
  • football
  • netball
  • table tennis
  • badminton

Sports are advertised each term through our regular Bulletin on DayMap and students can be involved in as many sports as they choose by nomination.