Horticulture Club

In conjunction with the South Australian Orchid Society, Valley View Secondary School offers the Orchids in School Program where students work with volunteers to grow orchids in the school shade houses.

The Orchid in Schools program has run for over four years with numerous students participating on a weekly basis. Students are required to maintain and prepare orchids for competitions across the state. Each year, students successfully enter orchids into the Royal Show winning many awards in the school category.

Pedal Prix

Pedal Prix is a personal development and community engagement program that is offered to students in year 8 through to year 12. Pedal Prix racing is a competition where teams of up to 12 students, race 3 wheeled recumbent trikes against students from other schools. The aim is to complete as many laps as possible, of a race track, within the allocated time period. Students have the opportunity to develop skills, knowledge and experience in; Physical Fitness, Science, Engineering, Mathematics, Technology, teamwork, resilience and collaboration.

Valley View Secondary School competes in the Uni SA HPV Super Series, which involves 3 races throughout the year. Two races are 6 hours in length and the final race is a 24 hours on a street circuit in Murray Bridge.

At Valley View Secondary School there are many ways to become involved in Pedal Prix which include:

  • The business and management side of the program, including sponsorship and data management.
  • Pit crew and vehicle tuning, maintenance during races but also vehicle repair after races
  • Driving the vehicle which involves physical conditioning, fitness recording and developing good vehicle control in race conditions.
  • Community involvement is also a vital component of our team. Parents, staff, community members and old scholars all play important roles

Valley View Secondary School first entered Pedal Prix in 2016 with team manager, Danielle Fattori establishing the “Viper Racing Team” with a highly motivated group of support staff and students. The team has now grown in size and has both a junior and senior team.

Performing Arts

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Vista Sport

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