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Uniform Policy

Uniform Regulations

Education Regulations 2012 (Part 6 – 86) on school dress code, provides as follows:

  • the right for Governing Councils to determine school dress policy
  • consultation entitlements and processes
  • enforcement obligations and exemption conditions

Why have a uniform?

  • it promotes a sense of belonging and pride in the school and community
  • it gives the school a unique identity
  • it creates a sense of equity for the students
  • it is practical in its application to a wide range of physical activities & weather conditions
  • it is appropriate to offer students a wide range of choices to suit activities
  • it ensures students observe health and safety standards
  • it eliminates competition for brand name and ‘fad’ clothing, as well as the wearing of inappropriate clothes and accessories

The Governing Council has approved the Uniform and expects compliance by students. Support from parents and staff is essential in ensuring its compliance.

Implementation of the dress code uniform

While it is expected that students will comply with the dress code, the Principal may exempt students upon written request from a parent/guardian. If approved the student will be issued with an exemption pass in accordance to the specific circumstances. Grounds on which a parent/guardian may seek exemption are:

  • religious, cultural or ethnic
  • itinerant students
  • financial hardship
  • medical reasons supported by a doctor’s statement
  • other grounds determined by the Governing Council

Compliance obligations

  1. Any student not wearing full school uniform who:
    • has note of explanation from home, may be offered a loan uniform and in this instance is expected to change/comply.
    • does not have a note of explanation from home, will be provided with a loan uniform and may be given community service.
  2. Parents/Caregivers will be contacted by letter or diary note if students persistently breach the school dress code. This may include a request for a family conference to resolve difficulties.
  3. Everyday uniform is expected to be worn on a daily basis with PE uniform only to be worn on days when students are participating in scheduled PE classes, Vista Sport, Knockout competitions etc.
  4. All students in Years 8-12 are required to wear the approved school uniform. Due to seasonal variations, students may dress in either summer or winter uniform depending upon their own needs.
  5. Parents are asked to contact the school if there are extra-ordinary circumstances preventing students wearing the school uniform on a particular day


All students are required to follow the CASUAL DAY DRESS CODE. Clothing, footwear and accessories should be suitable for school wear. This is inclusive of:

  • Safe, enclosed footwear (no ugg boots, thongs, flip-flops, sandals, high heels etc) no bare midriffs, no low-cut tops, tank tops, excessively short shorts, skirts, dresses etc
  • No inappropriate or offensive logos, text or images on clothing

Valley View Secondary School’s Uniform Policy is designed to reflect community standards and ensure that our students are prepared, comfortable, and able to function and be safe whilst performing any school activity. It is expected that students ensure that they are neat, groomed and maintain standards of acceptable presentation which are guided by the principles and their wellbeing.