VVSS Uniform Policy

All students are required to meet the school’s uniform policy every day as outlined below.

The school has an extensive range of loan uniform items and students will be asked to change into school uniform if they come to school inappropriately attired. All school uniform items excluding shoes and stockings are available from the School Uniform Shop located in Front Office.

The following price list has prices that are inclusive of GST.  Uniforms are available to purchase from the Front Office 8:30AM – 3:30PM daily.

Unacceptable attire includes:

  • Clothing with logos and/or designs, contrasting stitching or stripes.
  • Denim or denim look alike fabrics.
  • Excessive makeup or jewellery.
  • Torn or frayed clothing, cult fashions.
  • Thongs / slip-on sandals (flip flops).

Physical Education

  • Students are advised to change into suitable sports uniform clothing for Physical Education.
  • Students representing Valley View Secondary School at sporting events will be required to wear appropriate uniform and some sports will be provided with a uniform.
  • All students will have the opportunity to purchase an official VVSS sports playing top through the school which can be worn to special school/sporting events.

Protective Clothing

  • Students must wear protective clothing when instructed by staff.
  • For safety reasons, in areas such as Home Economics, Science, Technology Studies and Art, long hair needs to be pinned back and loose clothing and dangerous jewellery avoided.
  • Eye shields and other protective equipment are necessary in some areas.


  • Sun protection is an issue during the summer months and students are encouraged to wear hats in the yard, during Physical Education lessons and school activities that are outdoors.
  • Students are only to wear hats, beanies or other head-wear when they are outside. Staff will instruct students to remove these items when entering the learning environment.

Cold / Wet Weather

Students may wear waterproof jackets or raincoats in the yard at recess and lunch times (not in classrooms).

Please Note: Waterproof jackets and raincoats do not replace the school jumper/jacket.

VVSS Uniform Requirements



Navy Polo Shirt12 - 4XL$25.00
Zip Up Jacket12 - 4XL$45.00
Bootleg Pants - Girls 8 - 16$47.00
Bootleg Pants - Ladies8 - 16$50.00
Straight Leg Pants - Girls 8 - 16$47.00
Straight Leg Pants - Ladies 8 - 16$50.00
Sports Shorts 8 - 2XL$19.00
Cargo Shorts 8 - 2XL$30.00
Cargo Pants8 - 2XL$30.00
Track Pants 8 - 3XL$32.00
Fleecy Track Pants—Youth8 - 16$30.00
Fleecy Track Pants—Adult5 - 2XL$33.00
Winter Skirt8 - 18$35.00
Summer Dress8 - 20$70.00
Graphic Calculator$195.00
Scientific Calculator$20.00
USB Flash Drive 8GB$6.00