Student Leadership

Active engagement in the school and the wider community allows students to take ownership of their learning. The Student Voice Team gives young people the chance to contribute their perspectives on factors which influence their education and community. The Student Voice Team is elected at the start of the year, by their peers, and are involved in various aspects of school life including House activities, school community events and awareness days. Their role is to represent the school community, uphold the school values, organise events and to be the advocate for the student body. They are the main link in the student – staff relationship. The Student Voice Team meet on regular basis with the House Leader to discuss issues affecting the study body and how to resolve these issues, as well as plan school events and activities.

The Student Voice team is structured in the following way:

In 2020 the Student Voice team are working closely with the Youth Affairs Council of South Australia (YACSA) around the implantation of the Bullying Prevention Strategy at our site. YACSA is the peak body in South Australia that represents the interests of young people. Their aim is to encourage young people, and those working with them and for them, to achieve meaningful improvements in the quality of young people’s lives.