Well Being

At Valley View Secondary School, we believe that a holistic approach to children and young people’s development sets the trajectory for lifelong wellbeing outcomes. It encompasses many sides of life: social, cognitive, emotional, physical and spiritual.

The Learning for Wellbeing Team build positive physical, emotional and social wellbeing for students. Our focus is on improving student engagement, achievement and enhance success in learning. We aim to improve capacity to effect behavioural change for students to become a more positive, inclusive and welcoming school culture and to harness partnerships between school, family and community.

We promote the wellbeing and resilience of children and young people by inspiring, engaging and empowering through the Wellbeing Framework and support the aims of the Australian Student Wellbeing Framework.

Keeping Safe Child Protection Curriculum Program – information is available from this link.

The team includes:

  • Student Wellbeing Leaders
  • The Aboriginal education team
  • Attendance and engagement social workers
  • Family focus social workers
  • Psychologists
  • Mental health social workers
  • Inclusive Education Leaders
  • House managers.

Key Staff