Student Support Services

Student Services

At Valley View Secondary School students have access to the Student Services support team who are dedicated to supporting you throughout your education. Student Services can assist with student ID cards, communication with you and your families and will be your first point of call for all your questions. They’ll give you advice on appropriate support services and resources available to you and will help schedule appointments with specialised services if required including appointments with Wellbeing staff.

Other services include:

  • Early departures
  • Late arrivals
  • First aid
  • Hand in Assignments
  • Notes for staff
  • General Enquiries
  • Fee payments
  • Lost property
  • School notices
  • Uniforms
  • Timetables
  • Student Incident Reporting

Student Services can be contacted by phoning (08) 8360 6111, option 1

Student Incident Report Form

At Valley View Secondary School we encourage and support the process of reporting Students’ Incidents of Bullying and Harassment via the completion of the SIRF. This form, available from Student Services, should be completed in full and returned to Student Services. Once your report has been read by a Leader, you will be consulted to plan the next step. If you have an immediate concern please notify a member of staff.

An incident of Bullying and Harassment refers to intentional conduct, including verbal, physical or written conduct or an intentional electronic communication that creates a hostile educational environment by substantially interfering with a student’s educational benefits, opportunities or performance or with a student’s physical or psychological wellbeing.

An online form can also be submitted instead of a written one if that is preferred.  Click the following link to be able to fill out and submit the SIRF.

Follow up

Please note that your report will be followed up during school hours. A staff member will speak to you regarding your report as soon as possible. If the concern continues, please report it to a staff member, wellbeing member or student services.

Thank you for taking the time to fill in the Incident Report Form. We enter this information onto a confidential data base. We can then monitor what action has occurred and if there have been previous concerns. Once your report has been read by a Leader, you will be consulted to plan the next step.

Support available

Sometimes, stressful events can impact on how we feel and affect our happiness and wellbeing. It can also trigger past experiences which may be painful to remember. If this is the case, it may be good to speak to a family member about how you are feeling. There are also services available through Learner Wellbeing.

These could include placement Counsellors, Learner Wellbeing Leaders, the AET, Mentors and other support services.

If you would like to speak with someone, please make an appointment through student services or select the option in the online Student Incident Report Form (above).